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A male student painting during an art lesson. A male student sifting flour in a cookery lesson. Mixing chemicals in a science lesson. A group of students and their teacher during a history lesson. Two female students reading in the school library.

Latest News

Students place the last few pieces into the mosaic

Mosaic Day!

Our dedicated Art department have been working tirelessly over the last few weeks to create a beautiful mosaic of our new school emblem. The somewhat enormous piece of artwork will become a permanent display on the outside wall of the art block, facing the student playground… Read more

Students sorting the secret valentines day messages

Valentine's Day

Students at Sanders Draper School who belong to the school's Sanders Community Group have come up with a novel way of celebrating Valentine's Day this year and have managed to raise some funds for charity as well… Read more

Students taking part in a science lesson during our recent open morning.

Open Morning

We hosted an Open Morning here at Sanders School on Saturday, 8 February. This involved a series of workshops/activities which were offered to all Year 4 and Year 5 primary school children in our local primary schools… Read more

Headteacher and others on the stage during the school's Presentation Evening.

Presentation Evening 2014

This is an extremely important and eagerly anticipated event in The Sanders Draper School calendar which gives the school an excellent opportunity to celebrate and applaud their students' achievement across the whole of the curriculum during the past year… Read more